MD Speech at its opening Ceremony on Jan 14 2017

Your Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State

Your Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke, Former Governor Cross River State

Hon Commissioners for Health and Environment, Lagos State

The Minister i/c , PCN Festac Town Parish

Our Lords Spiritual and Temporal

Distinguished Guests

Friends, Colleagues, Strategic Partners and Brethren

Members of the Press

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

You are all welcome to Rabboni Hospitals Limited. We are indeed highly honoured to have your esteemed presence on this Day of the formal dedication and commissioning of our facility. It is however, appropriate that I tell you a bit about myself and D-Rabboni Hospitals Limited, its concept, vision and mission.

D-Rabboni Hospitals Limited is a product of about 30years of my Medical practice and leadership, of which a little over 25 years were in NNPC where I started as a senior Medical officer before rising to become the Health Services Manager of a green field NNPC LNG Joint Venture Project, the OKLNG .I later became the Regional Medical Manager, NNPC Port Harcourt and Eastern Operations, before exiting statutorily in September 2016. Actively, I am the current President, Society of Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians of Nigeria (SOEHPON) and Country Secretary, International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH)

The name Rabboni is a Jewish word for a Great Master and Teacher.  Rabboni Hospitals Limited will not fall short of this, both in Medical and Spiritual aspects of her operations and service delivery. We are positioned to be innovative and dynamic in the provision of Health/ Medical care service. This we would do in strict compliance with professional and ethical standards.  We would deploy Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System Processes ((HSEMSP) in our Medical practice, in order to add value to our offerings.  With this, we aim to deliver excellent, standard and delightful health care service to our esteemed clients / patients. We would ensure that the hospital environment is patient friendly and comfortable. On the whole we intend to provide a World Class Medical /Health care with a Five Star hospitality service.

At Rabboni Hospital, we would be committed to operational excellence by ensuring continuous improvement in our work practices, processes and procedures. We would welcome feedbacks from our clients, especially where they are unsatisfied with our service delivery and performance

Our Services would include Primary and Secondary health care. We would provide (Out) and (In –patient) health care services and run a 24 hour service, all through the year. We would offer General  and Specialist Medical  care ,covering Internal Medicine,  Paediatrics ,Surgery , Obstetrics and Gynaecology,  Dentistry, Occupational Health and Safety and Preventive and Promotional health care

We are committed to our Clients’ Comfort, wellbeing; Safety and Security, while in our premises, hence necessary facilities and equipment have been put in place to guarantee this.  We would ensure that from the Security at the gate to the front Desk and all through the other units of the hospital, our Clients experience a fulfilling experience. This is because Our Motto is Service Delivery with Professionalism and that we expect from every member of the Rabboni Hospital family

Additionally, we intend to provide flexible Health care service to our clients. Our Clients would be given the latitude to register in the Silver, Gold and Platinum category. This would enable them to enjoy certain levels of benefits both in the hospital and at home.  Gold and Platinum registered Clients can ,on request, be visited at home for medical attention by a Nurse or Medical Doctor  , However, the decision to treat at home or be evacuated to the hospital shall be that  of the attending Medical official,  based on  his or her professional judgments  and  backed  strictly  by ethical considerations

At the D –Rabboni Hospital, we shall operate as a functional, horizontal and harmonious team, with the MD/CEO as the Team Captain. We would allow superior opinions to prevail in our brainstorming sessions /meetings. The Staff/worker of D- Rabboni Hospitals are our priceless assets while our Clients are the King and reason for our existence as an Institution.

At D- Rabboni Hospital, all Staff shall be given his or her Job scope and descriptions. This is to ensure that persons are recruited for available jobs and to enhance efficiency. All Staff of Rabboni Hospitals are expected to be properly inducted, mentored and trained to align and imbibe the vision and values of the institution. We expect absolute loyalty and commitment of all Rabboni Hospital Staff to our vision of providing Innovative and outstanding Medical and Dental care services to attending members of the public. And our mission of effectively and efficiently deploying human and material resources towards meeting and exceeding our Clients expectations.

As already stated in the Policy document of the Hospital, exceptionally committed Staff of Rabboni Hospitals Limited have a very bright and seamless chance of transiting to become equity shareholders and partners of the organization. It is my strong believe and conviction that doing this would throw up sincere and committed staff who share in the organization’s vision ,such that  they can  take over the hospital management and continue from where  I stopped. And that by so doing this Hospital would sure outlive me

We thank all of you, distinguished Friends, Colleagues, Strategic partners, Brethren, Family Members and the Press, for honouring our invitation and for your prayers. Also for being a part of this humble beginning of a great dream and vision as regards Rabboni Hospitals Limited and Health Care delivery in Nigeria

God Bless You All for coming, Happy New Year and do have a Blessed  journey  back Home.

  • Long Live Rabboni Hospitals Limited
  • Long Live Nigeria

Dr. Okon  Akiba

Medical Director/CEO







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