Our Operational Strategy/Policy

  • Rabboni hospitals ltd will operate in line with its core values to achieve its stated vision and mission
  • At Rabboni hospitals Ltd both the management and staff would be committed to providing delightful, excellent and professional health care to our clients
  • All Workers in Rabboni hospitals  are co- owners of the organization and would be treated with high respect and rewarded for a display of exceptional  Loyalty and commitment to duty.
  • exceptional and outstanding Service delivery is expected from all at Rabboni hospitals
  • Rabboni hospitals ltd would operate with  a horizontal, cooperative and harmonious team, that is highly motivated and  bonded in love and mutual respect

The Workforce at Rabboni hospitals Ltd  are our priceless  asset  and are accordingly expected to provide very  delightful services to our  customers/clients  who indeed are our  kings and queens and the reason for our   existence